Affiliate Marketing with Facebook Ads

Affiliate Marketing with Facebook Ads

Do you want to do affiliate marketing? From software to health products, affiliate programs are exceptional ways of monetizing your website at the same time generating online income. What tips should you use when doing affiliate marketing? Here are the tips of affiliate marketing with Facebook ads on how to maximize your earnings, while if you want to try other types of advertising you could use resources like the 48 sheet advertising to improve your business.

Test several different traffic sources 

Regardless of the products you are promoting, you need to make sure that you do test the source of traffic before finding the best to use. Facebook is definitely one of the best sources since it allows you to have a wide range of options when doing your affiliate marketing. This should help you come up with ways of enhancing your marketing presence thus enabling you to make more money. How do you test for the sources? You need to do your research on the market before making the best choice while you can also go online to find the best companies here on marketing and other areas.

Use a landing page when increasing your conversions 

Sending traffic directly alone does not allow you to achieve profitability. For the people who may want to increase their ROI, using conversions provides the best option for Facebook as an affiliate marketing. Landing pages should not be complicated since they should enable you to generate traffic you need thus generating more income from marketing. 

Ask the affiliate manager for new payout 

You should know that affiliate managers often have the choice of raising your payout when using Facebook ads. How is this possible? Most of the CPA networks often operate on 25-35% margins when doing affiliate marketing. Through this, you can always make a choice of what you need as you increase your presence in the market using Facebook. In the end, you will always be in a position to increase the amount of money that you will earn through the affiliate marketing. 

Use tracking software when doing affiliate marketing 

If you are not tracking your marketing campaigns, you will rarely achieve profitability. Many tracking applications are often available for affiliates whenever they want to enhance their revenue through using Facebook Ads. You need to remember that these software will always enable you track your earnings at the same time coming up the measures that you can use to enhance your revenue. Finally, you should track affiliate campaigns using the free applications such as Google Analytics. This will definitely help you come up with the strategies that you can use whenever you want to improve your affiliate marketing activities thus earning you more money. 

Design personal Facebook Ads 

Do you have an affiliate network that provide ready-made banners? You need to avoid using any network image before testing. Testing will always enable you know what you need when coming up with ways to achieve high CTR as well as conversion rate. When using advertising ads, you should adopt the simplest images since they are effective. This should help you attract potential customers at the same time increasing your customer base through affiliate marketing.  

Test similar offers when finding the top converter 

Famous affiliate marketing niches such as dating & social gaming often have thousands of offers available for promotion and this means that you must know if the top converters as a way of making sure that you get the best when looking for marketing options to increase your revenue. In the end, you will know of the strategies that you need to take when increasing your marketing ability to earn more revenue. 

Scale profitable campaigns when using new traffic sources 

It is important that you scale up your profitable campaigns of AdWords Search Network if you want to enhance your revenue from affiliate marketing. Facebook Ads will definitely help you increase your earnings at the same time maximizing your return on investment. However, you need to know that affiliate campaigns using Facebook Ads often do not lasts forever thus you need to make sure that you use the trending strategies to be the best in the market as you scale up your new traffic sources

Learn more on affiliate marketing when using Facebook Ads 

Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive hence you need to always update yourself with new information if you want to be the best.

In the end, the above affiliate marketing with Facebook ads tips should help you maximize your earnings. 

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