When it comes to capturing names and email addresses, consumers are more savvy now than they were a decade ago. They know that the minute they hand over their personal contact details, they’re opening themselves up to a never-ending slew of spam.


You not only have to be careful about how you interact with your subscribers once you get them on your list, but to even get them on there in the first place, you have to have something very tempting to offer.


Let’s take a look at five different temptations you can present as your freebie offer…


Motiving Mindset Lessons


No matter what niche market you’re in, one thing your readers will need is encouragement and motivation to achieve their goals, It could be in terms of weight loss, relationship repair – or even career success, but they are looking for someone to guide them in an inspiring manner.


Usually, marketers go into their lead generation thinking about what they can get out of it – what kinds of profits they’ll see when they send out some promotions. Instead, you should work on developing loyal bonds with your audience by sending them some emails that boost their confidence and help them soar to new heights.


This isn’t all you send, of course – but a smattering of uplifting or even tough love motivational emails helps people gain the courage they need to get out of their comfort zone and put your ideas to work.


The one thing you have to remember is that giving them the tools and instructions isn’t enough. Many (if not most) consumers need a good, ‘atta boy type of message to help them stay on track to completion.


You don’t to have them relying on you for motivation, either. It’s like the old adage about teaching a man how to fish (to feed him for a lifetime) being better than giving a man a fish (which only feeds him once).


You have to help your readers learn how to wake up every day, motivating themselves – with nothing but mere reminders from you once in awhile. You can inspire and motivate with short reports, a video series, or even proof of success with yourself and other subscribers who give you testimonials about how much you’ve helped them.


Before you create a lead generation offer using motivation, pinpoint their worst emotional reaction in the niche. Is it fear? Helplessness? Anger? Whatever it is, make your offer a mental transformation that helps them regain control and eliminate that emotional paralysis for good.


Basic How To Tutorials


One really good faith way to attract more subscribers to your list is to offer an upfront, free how to lesson on something your list needs most. If you visit most of the top marketers’ sites, you’ll find that many of them use this strategy as a way to hook new readers.


Most people force people to pay for step-by-step instructions on how to do something, but you can put out a lead gen that teaches the same thing for free, and really wow people with your generosity.


For example, your lead gen in the “make money online” niche could be a tutorial on How to Install a WordPress Blog. Make a quick video series or write up a report on how to do it and gift it to them.


Let’s say you’re in the survival niche. A good lead gen freebie tutorial for that niche might be “How to Pack a 72-Hour Bug Out Bag.” You’d give them information on essentials, what kind of bag to pack it in, and tips and hacks on preserving the supplies.


Or take, for instance, the pet niche. Your How To freebie could be something simple like How to Potty Train a New Puppy. Don’t worry about having something to sell your audience on down the road.


You’ll always have other things to sell and promote in broad niches like these. If you have a narrow niche, you can take a bite-sized nugget of information and teach that, such as “How to Install a Plugin” or “How to Make Dehydrated Strawberries.”


Another good thing about giving away a free tutorial up front is that it allows your audience to see your teaching style. Some people are hesitant to pay for information when they’re unfamiliar with how someone teaches.


And if the content you give away is so valuable to them, they’ll wonder what your paid content must be like! Giving away freebies is no different to how major stores like Costco or Sam’s hand out taste samples of their food items.


They’re hoping you’ll taste it, enjoy it, and then buy the bigger purchase based on your reaction to the freebie. The same concept works for your online marketing niches. Be thorough and answer all questions someone might have about whatever it is you’re teaching.


Put your best foot forward and it will endear your audience to you and help you create loyal bonds with your customers that directly improves your bottom line over time.


Strategic Brainstorming Sessions


One highly overlooked lead gen option is the over the shoulder brainstorming session. Too many people brush this valuable tool off as too simple, but the reality is, consumers love seeing other people take something – a strategy, a tool, or an idea – and implement it while they allow others to watch.


So let’s use the Internet marketing niche as a firm example. An over the shoulder brainstorming session might include things like:


  • Letting them watch you conduct keyword research


  • Letting them see how you find blog post ideas


  • Letting them view the process of you monetizing a site and niche


  • Letting them see you organize ideas and outline a book


  • Letting them watch while you search for and finalize outsourcing on a project


All of these little things are steps that most marketers just tell them to do, such as, “create one blog post every day.” So they then sit there, paralyzed, because no one ever showed them how to brainstorm blog post ideas.

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