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The 5 Best Lead Gen Freebies

When it comes to capturing names and email addresses, consumers are more savvy now than they were a decade ago. They know that the minute they hand over their personal contact details, they’re opening themselves up to a never-ending slew of spam.   You not only have to be careful about how you interact with […]

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Handling Your Leads with Care After Opt In

Having a list means you have a bigger responsibility than the average marketer who simply pays for cold traffic to be sent to their offers. A subscriber is leaning on you – trust you – to get them to the place they want to be within their niche.   There are many things you can […]

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5 Key Things to Include in Your Welcome Email

Having someone be willing to hand over their name and email address is a feat some marketers never master. But even a fraction of those who do end up ruining their accomplishment because they start off on the wrong foot.   Most marketers do nothing more than send out a welcome email that says, “Thank […]

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